Jason Lisle

Jason Lisle is a wonderful young mathematician and apologist whose videos my kids have gained an interest in watching! He discusses how God is revealed through his creation, the problems with the theory of evolution, and astronomical proofs of creation among other topics. He is relatively simple in his presentation and can be funny too. Here are two of the presentations we have enjoyed given by Lisle. If you have not heard of fractal geometry, you should definitely watch the first one! The second video is about presuppositions in our minds and how our worldview, by and large, accounts for our conclusions on any given subject.


Evolution is Not True – Beginner’s Resources

To share my testimony on evolution: discovering that evolution was in fact not truly how things came about was a major step on my way to believing the Bible and knowing the Lord. It was very difficult for me to accept as the only other feasible option was that everything was created – by a higher being – in short, by God. This was not the answer I wanted to find. Evolution is one of the biggest lies perpetuated on mankind today and is responsible for keeping and turning many away from God. I have spent hundreds of hours researching and writing about evolution and creation with the intention of publishing a book, which currently has about 15,000 words written. What I have written so far barely scratches the surface of all the information regarding this topic. I want to share my research and what I have written so far on this blog so it is at least available for anyone who cares to begin discovering the truth on this subject. It is a “red pill” if you choose to care about what the truth is and evaluate the evidence for yourself, rather than erring on the “Safe side” (which is not at all safe) by going along with what you have been told – be warned!

Here are several total beginner’s resources to exploring the topic.

  1. Kent Hovind
    Although Kent Hovind is a flawed human being as we all are, his audiovisual resources were an invaluable asset in the journey of discovering the truth about evolution and creation. He has a Creation Seminar series (available in a playlist here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3Y2fLUmRR0&list=PL0hhX2rP03Qrm473ubXQ5sUvYPnivwhrA ).
    The most useful and informative seminars are Seminar 1 The Age of the Earth, 3 Dinosaurs and the Bible, 4 Lies in the Textbooks, and 5 The Dangers of Evolution. These address many vitally important issues and common falsehoods.
  2. Mike Riddle
    How DNA Destroyed Evolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rCkFLq3uts
    DNA is the most complex “language” ever discovered, essentially a crazily complicated computer programming code of all life. Learning about DNA is a good first subject to tackle in intelligent design/creation and irreducible complexity.
  3. Creation Magazine LIVE! YouTube channel
    This channel contains many half-hour talk show segments and much shorter clips addressing hundreds of evolution and creation related topics. It contains many useful introductions and is lighter than the lectures and seminars above.
  4. True Origin
    http://www.trueorigin.org/If you have scientific training or just prefer heavier reading and case studies, this is the website for you! There are thousands of articles by prominent and less prominent academically trained scientists on every topic of evolution and creation you can think of.

I hope this is useful.