Still Small Voice

My husband and I have been listening for some time to a YouTube channel called Still Small Voice. The lady who created the channel, Clare, shares her prayer times with the Lord in audio and pdf format. For some months, I went back and forth with this channel and was skeptical that it was truly the Lord speaking to Clare. However, after much time and prayer, I came to the conclusion that it truly was the Lord.

Topics of messages range from every kind of Christian behavior, like humility, love, honoring others, patience, mercy and so on, to intimacy and relationship with the Lord. There are also many prophetic messages on end times events and the Rapture. There are playlists subdivided into topics as well as a playlist of all the regular messages (over 350). Clare and her husband Ezekiel are both musicians and also share their music on the channel.


Prince of Peace – Akiane Kramarik

A young girl painted this image at the age of eight, entitled “Prince of Peace”. princeofpeace

She claimed to have been receiving visions from heaven from as young as four years old. Her website is here:

Todd Burpo, the child whose near-death experience led to his father publishing an account of his story entitled Heaven is For Real (now a movie), independently acknowledged that this picture is indeed an accurate portrait of Jesus.